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Wildland Fire Photography by Kari Greer

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2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2012 scene at morning briefing at icp sierra vista primary school in ruidoso a tree torching on the line aerial photo aerial photograph airtanker drops alexander flats and congressmen jeff flake and paul gosar visit apparatus arizona atlanta august az banksgarden valley beaver creek fire before they are flown into spike camp big 5 creek drainage black mountain hotshot direct handlining and coldtrailing in big 5 creek drainage black mountain hotshots black mountain hotshots superintendent matt hoggard boise county interagency exercise boise district blm boise hotshots boise national forest boise national forest and boise district blm boise nf boring to test for good holding wood brushing out for coldtrailing the fire edge bumping a cubitainer of water along the line for hydration burn operation in morning sun estates burn operation to protect featherville burn operation with pioneer peak hotshots burning embers aloft c130 maffs airtanker ca california camp centerville chelan chelan complex chelan complex div kilo chelan fires chelan firesfirst creek fire chief of the forest service tom tidwell coldtrailing column laying over community cooper ridge coyote spike camp creating effective containment line crew geared up and ready to go to work crew moppingup on the day after the burn operation crew shuttle by helicopter crown king cutting the base off a burned log and mopping it up dc 10 vlat ten tanker air carrier dinner at camp direct handlining and coldtrailing in big 5 creek drainage direct handlining and coldtrailing in big 5 creek drainage heavy helicopter water drop director of fam tom harbour div kilo division group supervisor jason riggins division nn division supervisor phil gehardson division tt drift over fireline elk and pony complex fires elk complex ember fallout causing spot fires ember whirl engines entiat group evacuations faller kurt svenson featherville fire effects after low intensity burn fire effects in the south fork boise river corridor fireline operations fireline reinforced with retardant line first creek fire flagging marks sling spot for the helicopter flames fs chief tom tidwell general bret daugherty gila hotshots lined out in the valles caldera gila national forest gladiator fire governor jay inslee governor susana martinez greets firefighters in the chow line at camp haileyketchum happy camp complex having gear slung in by helicopter into coyote spike camp heavy helicopter water drop erickson air crane s64 helibase helicopter bucket drop brainerd fire hawk blackhawk helicopter operations icp id idaho idaho city idaho city hotshots idaho city hotshots after coming down from div echo above nogal canyon spike where they spent several nights spiked out after putting in driect handline. installing a psd machine aerial igintion device into the side door of a helicopter helicopter express bell 407 june june 14 june 15 lake chelan las conchas fire lead pio karen takai and ops pio brad pitassi lead planes lincoln national forest little bear fire little queens fire lodgepole fire low intensity burn operation in div foxtrot near loma grande may may 13 mcfarland creek minnesota mountain home needles and leaves reamain on many trees and shrubs while grasses are blackened new mexico okanogan wenatchee national forest okanoganwenatchee national forest okanoganwenatchee nf okanoganwentachee nf pagami creek fire pine and featherville pinefeatherville pioneer peak hotshots pony complex pony fire preburn preparation effectiveness prepping and burning around trinity guard station prepping and burning around trinity guard station c fallers prepping and burning around trinity guard station division supervisor phil gerhardson prepping and burning around trinity guard station division supervisor phil gerhardson and falling boss will shoutis prepping and burning around trinity guard station safety officer michelle ryerson prepping and burning around trinity guard station spot fire prepping and burning around trinity guard station taking weather prepping and burning around trinity guard stationdivision supervisor phil gehardson briefs the resources prescott national forest reach fire regional forester jim pena visit reinarz's type 1 swimt ridgetop helispot rockering a hazard tree with chute cord to fell it it was deemed to hazardous to cut because the base was burned out with no holding wood rolling up a sling net rough fire safety officer michelle ryerson salmonchallis nf sawtooth nf sawyer felling a hazard tree seat single engine airtanket securing rocky bar senators john kyl and john mccain september september 4 sequioa nf and sierra nf sequoiakings canyon np sizing up a hazard tree smoke south fork gold creek superintendent matt hoggard briefs the crew at the helispot at alexander flat superior nf table mountain fire the crew waits at the alexander flats helispot for their flight the springs fire the wolverine fire thirtymile fire memorial trinity ridge fire trinity ridge west fire twisp river initial attack u.s. capitol christmas tree. payette national forest us secretary of the interior ken salazar visits using a signal mirror to flash the pilot to locate sling site wa wallow fire water tenders wenatchee complex whitewaterbaldy complex wildland urban interface wolverine fire wui